St Andrew's Village

St Andrews Village is situated in Glendowie, Auckland on 14 hectares of tranquil park-like grounds. St Andrews Retirement Village provides a full range of temporary and permanent care options as well as fully independent living choices and is owned and operated by an independent charitable trust.

Many of the risk products that we looked at possibly introducing had a very narrow view and almost distilled everything down to just health and safety compliance.

For many years, our management conversations around risks have been entered into vast, sterile, spreadsheet matrices which proved next to impossible to distill any meaningful information from or realistically gauge what the biggest risks to our organisation really were. Like most organisations, we were flying somewhat blind.

Our Conversion to FlipView really set the tone around not only the biggest risks that we face, but has also helped crystalise the many opportunities we face for growth through the use of clear dashboards. The 'light bulb' moment for us came when you suddenly see all of the critical factors across the entire breadth of your organisation concisely laid out on one screen.

The clarity with which the information is presented makes it easy to extract the relevant parts to inform a variety of discussions, be it day to day management of risks with staff, governance conversations or helping to inform strategic opportunities and creating action plans to achieve them. What we ended up with is a risk management (and opportunity) pathway that has complete buy in by the entire Exec Team and Board of Trustees. In essence, we have a system that we can use on a regular basis to help check the overall health of the business, and what we need to change, as opposed to an old series of spreadsheets which were created because we had to, and then promptly forgotten as they were too difficult to understand.

FlipView is and extremely powerful piece of software, a genuine aid to businesses as opposed to a 'tick box' compliance tool. It clearly does risk well, but also actively assists with strategic planning and direction.

Collaborative tools that bring strategy to life!

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