See your organisation's strategy come to life.

Flipview combines cloud-based surveys, workshop modules, and dashboard reporting to help you streamline strategy planning.

Allow ideas to surface. Capture risks that matter. Propel your organisation’s growth journey.



Streamline Strategy Planning

Simple customisable surveys allow employees to contribute in a structured way. Survey data automatically feeds a workshop module which also feeds dashboard reporting. Speed up and streamline the strategy planning process. Make strategy planning simple, inclusive and fun.

Have confidence that you have identified key obstacles and risks

Strategies that don’t consider risks and obstacles are generally doomed to fail. The business landscape is becoming increasingly turbulent and complex. With Flipview, you can better understand the key risks and obstacles your organisation faces. You increase the chances of success around strategy execution.

Get buy-in throughout your organisation

Strategies that don't have the buy-in of the organisation rarely get traction. Flipview helps reconcile and prioritise a leadership team’s views, further increasing your chances of success.

Link ideation and action

Strategy and risk documentation all too often is stored in static documents, making updates a cumbersome process. With Flipview, it is easy to share and update key risks and opportunities. Any actions are automatically captured in a simple project management module with task lists, reminders and overdue reports automatically generated.

Onboarding is easy



  • Register or upload users' names and email ids
  • Select from some of Flipview’s surveys (or create your own).
  • Customise your dashboard and rating mechanism.
  • Hit the run button.

Gathering information

Complete the surveys (or just go straight into workshop mode)



  • Review key strategic priorities in light of the results.
  • Prioritise actions and tasks based on top risks and opportunities.

Report and track progress

Automatically generate your dashboard, summary reports, drill-downs, task lists and gantt-charts.

Hand holding phone with Flipview software on screen.

See your organisation’s strategy come to life!

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  • See your organisations strategy come to life.
  • Develop your strategic pillars
  • Identify obstacles and risks
  • Prioritise actions and tasks
  • Measure and report your results

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