Our story, our why

The idea of Flipview was born from the founder being stuck in traffic and staring at the dashboard of his classic car and musing over how long it would take to type up interview notes and workshop results. Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly canvas an organisation for ideas and risks and report instantly? Wouldn't it be great to have something other than powerpoint or excel?! At its core, Flipview is all about harnessing an organisation's talent to help make the most of opportunities and to mitigate its risks. Central to this is a unique workflow and an engaging dashboard.

All too often aggregating information to feed strategy planning and risk consumes a lot of resource. Workshops and strategy off-sites can be of limited value as those attending might not have the courage to contribute or have been given little time to reflect. The process of converting flipcharts and stickies into some form of strategy document is often a cumbersome process. By the time people have the final “document”, it is out of date and everyone’s focus has shifted to Business As Usual. The strategy or risk document gets put in the drawer. Sounds familiar?

Our Team

Meet our Auckland based team. Flipview is supported by our technical partners from Covalense Global.

Portrait picture of Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens
CEO and Founder

Ben is a Chartered Accountant and holds an Executive MBA (with distinction) from Warwick Business School. Ben has a keen interest in futurist trends and their impact on traditional business models, and has spoken on the subject of risk, futurist trends and business model disruption for the Institute of Directors (NZ), RiskNZ, RIMs (NZ) and CAANZ.

Portrait picture of Alex Rijins
Alex Rijins
Customer Support Champion

I'm Alex, a mum to the sweetest little girl, and together with my husband, we live in Auckland. I enjoy walks at the beach and am always up for brunch.

Portrait picture of Leigh Featherstone
Leigh Featherstone
Accounts Manager

With experience in mature businesses and start-ups my focus is on listening then innovating to solve problems and leverage opportunities for our users. I love being outdoors, sailing on the Hauraki Gulf or hiking in the ranges, though I’m also a bit bookish – for example, I enjoy reading non-fiction history for the great stories and to help understand the present day.

Portrait picture of Mario Aguirre Lopez
Mario Aguirre Lopez
Web Developer

Ever since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by technology and the endless possibilities it offers. I started as a teenager building PCs at home for my neighbours for a fee (money my dad took most of as he was my financier) to graduation as a Software Developer in 2022. Since them I've been working as a software tester and web developer here. I'm always eager to learn and grow, both as a developer and as a person. Currently, I'm peeking into the word of AI (it seems to be the way the industry is heading) and Web3.

Portrait picture of Henry Wang
Henry Wang
Software Tester

Always open to trying new things and constantly seeking opportunities to learn, I am an individual who loves exploring interesting endeavours and giving them a shot. I have tried my hand at a diverse range of pursuits, including Neovim, Rust, and Teeline shorthand. Each new experience has contributed to my overall growth and improvement. Using my skills as a software engineer, I enjoy designing and creating various applications and websites. In particular, I love to delve into the nitty gritty details to produce the best possible outcomes.

Portrait picture of Liam Fan
Liam Fan
Software Engineer

I am a Java software engineer and had the privilege of working for a renowned company in Japan. Besides working, I have a keen interest in fishing and swimming.
I also possess a profound appreciation for outdoor activities and am consistently eager to immerse myself in nature and its accompanying adventures.

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