Our story, our why

The idea of Flipview was born from the founder being stuck in traffic and staring at the dashboard of his classic car and musing over how long it would take to type up interview notes and workshop results. Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly canvas an organisation for ideas and risks and report instantly? Wouldn't it be great to have something other than powerpoint or excel?! At its core, Flipview is all about harnessing an organisation's talent to help make the most of opportunities and to mitigate its risks. Central to this is a unique workflow and an engaging dashboard.

All too often aggregating information to feed strategy planning and risk consumes a lot of resource. Workshops and strategy off-sites can be of limited value as those attending might not have the courage to contribute or have been given little time to reflect. The process of converting flipcharts and stickies into some form of strategy document is often a cumbersome process. By the time people have the final “document”, it is out of date and everyone’s focus has shifted to Business As Usual. The strategy or risk document gets put in the drawer. Sounds familiar?

Our future

All of the development to date has been done working closely clients to ensure that the final product is fit for purpose. Nothing has been developed in without close collaboration with our clients.  

Over the years we have gone through a few major milestones of development these include: giving clients the ability to customise surveys, and as such, build their own dashboards, we’ve added different types of surveys (Key controls surveys, People based NPS and ENPS surveys). We have created capability to consolidate and benchmark across organisations within a group. All of this functionality has enabled those clients that use Flipview to very quickly build bottom-up view or their biggest risks and opportunities.  

More recently, as more companies have used Flipview for strategy to action, additional functionality has been added in the areas of project and performance management (Gantt Charts, task lists and OKRs) to help our customer’s track the implementation of their strategy real time. One of the biggest challenges that organisations face in implementation is the disconnect between the powerpoint strategy document, and what actually happens in terms at the coal face. In linking strategy pillars with key workstreams and metrics, Flipview’s use case is shifting to one of operationalising a strategy. We see this as a major challenge for many organisations and future development will focus on making this easier for clients.

A big part of our why is helping identify key risks and obstacles to strategy, and helping ensure that those at the coal face are involved. We also despise inefficient process and firmly believe that strategy and risk should eat breakfast together, and not live in static documents.  

Our Founder

Ben has an extensive background in risk and strategic planning and has spent over two decades working in senior roles across a variety of industries including the recorded music industry in London, the TV and broadcast industry in Eastern Europe and more recently the payments and Telco industry in New Zealand.

Ben speaks several European languages and has a uniquely international perspective, having lived in Germany, the Czech Republic, London, Sweden and Finland.

Ben is a Chartered Accountant and holds an Executive MBA (with distinction) from Warwick Business School. Ben has a keen interest in futurist trends and their impact on traditional business models, and has spoken on the subject of risk, futurist trends and business model disruption for the Institute of Directors (NZ), RiskNZ, RIMs (NZ) and CAANZ.

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