COVID Learnings

October 7, 2021

It’s Very Easy Sometimes to Focus on the Negatives...Its easy to be critical. But it is also dangerous, particularly when people are most vulnerable.

Most people I know are working longer hours as the lines between home and work have become increasingly blurred. And then, when you are working longer hours, you feel for those that don’t actually have work or a business left.Working longer hours also takes your mind off the whole fear-mongering increasingly perpetuated by the media!

We are potentially heading into a phase where we unfortunately experience some of what the rest of the world has experienced, while at the same time seeing the rest of the world returning to various semblances of normality.

I am not sure how most people are coping, but I thought I would share my thoughts on what seems to work for me. I have tried to support a few good causes and people around me that I know deserve it or might be struggling. I’ve tried to develop a few good habits and hobbies. From walking to brewing (I am not sure the later is a good habit).

Something I have learnt about myself is that I seem to like structure. This was a bit baffling actually. I just didn’t think I was wired that way. I tend to avoid the news flashes and don’t really follow the case numbers.

Something I have pondered a few times while I have been out pounding the pavement is - Imagine if COVID-19 reared its ugly head 20-30 years ago?Imagine if it didn’t take a year or two to develop a vaccine, but rather a few decades?

Have there been any learnings that have come out of COVID?

Are there some positives behaviours, habits or hobbies that have helped you navigate the last 18 months?


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