Starship foundation

September 5, 2021

“Two Big Milestones were reached last Week…

We have Onboarded our first Charity, Starship Foundation.  It was also the first time that we had a Client run the whole Workshop using Flipview® (normally Gavin or I are using Flipview to run the workshop!).

It was a full day online via Zoom, and the Team were incredibly Engaged throughout.Lots of great ideas shared, and lots of prioritisation going on! Great to be part of your strategy journey!

Also, great to learn some new risk / threat terminology – it’s the first time that Gavin and I had heard of risks / threats being “neutralised”, but that’s what you get when you hand the keys over to an Engaged Team (and remove the boffins from the equation)!

And why shouldn’t Risks be Neutralised…

#strategy #riskmanagement #engagement #auckland

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