The new website for FlipView is live

March 11, 2019

We are really happy that our re-brand is finalised and we are now officially Flipview™!

It has been an interesting 6 months. From inception to finalisation, it’s been a learning curve as the process was a lot more in depth and multi-faceted than just a name-change and new logo design…

I've put together an article on LinkedIn to share my insights on the rebrand process, which you may find somewhat amusing!

Click the read more link below to have a read of the various ideas we came up with for the new company name before settling firmly on FlipView. FlipView, because the idea of rethinking strategy and risk often means flipping your point of view around, so the new name just felt right for what the software does.

If you know of any organisations that could benefit from a system that helps them with strategic planning and risk assessment, please get in touch.

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